Well, this is it friends, the final rant you’ll ever hear on Midwest Real. In it, you’ll find some parting, soap-boxy thoughts on what this show has taught me, and details on our new show, Third Eye Drops!


As I write this, I’ve got that “what the fuck am I doing, am I making a huge mistake?” feeling that accompanies every worthwhile risk. Hopefully that means nuking this show in favor of starting fresh is one of those.

I’m supremely grateful for all of the messages, reviews, donations, t-shirt purchases, downloads, advice, over the last few years. You’ll never know the impact it’s had on my life. The difference between the person I am now and who I was when I started this thing is more psychically immense than I can possibly articulate. Through doing this show, I’ve been made aware of so many life-altering ideas and people that distilling it all down to anything cohesive is extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible (though I think I do somewhat successfully grapple with it in this podcast).

Then again, I guess I don’t have to do the tremendous trick of wrapping this thing in a philosophical bow, because this isn’t really a good-bye. Which brings me to my next thought– don’t be a stranger. Come dive into the deep waters with us at our new home, Third Eye Drops.

Regardless of if you do or don’t, all the best to you! May all of your lives be blessed with whatever you need, to embark upon your own personal road to Campbellian hero-ship and cosmic self-fulfillment!

Musings in this rant include:

  • My struggle to distill all of these conversations (and life in general) into actionable personal philosophy
  • You’ve gotta do the work, be conscious and take action, the “right time” will never come
  • The Pandoa’s box conundrum
  • Details on our new show, Third Eye Drops and who the first guest will be
  • Me getting disgusted with myself for sounding preachy
  • The power of starting over
  • An incredible Joseph Campbell quote
  • A lot of saying “thank you” and other corniness

How about some more parting wisdom from Campbell?

Joseph Campbell: The Power of Myth