Evan “Skytree” Snyder is a New York-based music producer that makes psychedelic space jams. He also co-hosts The Future Fossils podcast with Michael Garfield and humans quite well in many other capacities.


Skytree’s sounds and Social:

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 Musings in this chat include: 

  • The pains of podcast editing
  • Evan’s new podcast, Future Fossils
  • H.G. Wells apocalyptic vision of the future
  • Life is as a choose your own adventure narrative
  • Discussing the forefathers of today’s burgeoning alternative media
  • The delicate balance between turning the other cheek and correcting shitty behaviors
  • Evan waits twelve years to play video games
  • Recognizing time-wasting behavior patterns
  • The “system” forcing you into shitty circumstances versus your own free will
  • Dwelling on successful people or desired outcomes can be problematic and damaging
  • It’s more important to do something consciously and mindfully than to fixate on success
  • Education fails to evoke a sense of wonder in children
  • If everyone had their basic ideals met, what would the world look like?
  • We’re in desperate need of a modus operandi