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Nick Hammond is a successful designer, traveler and love-maker to the mysteries of life. He ditched his cubicle-dwelling job in favor of creating his own opportunities (a move I respect the shit out of) and even built and sold a float tank business when he was fresh out of college.

Musings in this chat include:

  • You’ve been reborn… now what?
  • The importance of writing things down
  • Dealing with depression
  • Swallowing your pride and getting therapy
  • The difference between working on yourself and being egotistical
  • Dealing with negative comments
  • Why generosity and stronger emotion seems to come with age
  • The importance of peak experiences and how they alter life’s trajectory
  • The power of the outdoors
  • More on the future of the show and Third Eye Drops
  • Communing with the muse
  • Why carving your own path is so satisfying
  • Float tanks, meditation psychedelics and more!