ArthurHeadShot_BackCover_2Monk Yunrou is quite a being. The man has been studying Taoism, Tai chi and all manner of philosophy, Chinese and otherwise, for decades. The peace, knowledge and perspective he’s developed through his path really shines through in his voice. He has a calm, confident smooth way of speaking that I’m pretty damn envious of, actually. 


Aside from being a ordained taoist monk and teacher, Yunrou (formerly known as Arthur Rosenfeld) is the author of quite a few books including Cutting Season, The Crocodile and the Crane and his latest, YIN a Love Story, which is slated for simultaneous release in the U.S. and China on November 1st. 

I truly, truly enjoyed and got a lot out of this one, so I implore you, check out Yunrou’s goods and soak in some of this man’s brilliance!

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