Two of my favorite Jesus clones, Liam Wilson and Chris de Cinque #blessed me with a lovely, lengthy, life-affirming, live chat on Twitch a couple of weeks back and, oh goody, am I excited to finally share it! 



Speaking of Twitch, a gigantic thank you goes out to everyone that joined us live. Your excellent vibes coupled with the conversation coated me in some sort of hyper-positive ectoplasm that had me humming the opening bars to Kiss From a Rose deep into the evening as if it were a prayer of gratitude to the universe.  

You can get amongst Christopher’s highly entertaining shenanigans regularly via his Twitch channel and you can experience the excellent, novelty-dipped musical stylings of his band, Closure in Moscow here. 

As for Liam Wilson, the man is an absolute tornado of talent in his own rite. You can soak him in by way of his ridiculously gifted band, The Dillinger Escape Plan and his tremendous articles at The Talk House.

If you want to take a sniff of my previous chats with Liam and Chris, take a gander our archive or our iTunes channel!

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