The answer is in the dirt.

Matt Pallamary is the author of A Land Without Evil and Spirit Matters. He’s been traveling to the Amazon for more than 15 years, where he has studied, lived and participated in numerous visionary rites. 

We hold human innovation in high regard, we practically worship it. At times it’s spoken of as if the ultimate destiny and potential of humanity is inextricably intertwined with that ceaseless desire to move forward and create. For all I know, that definitely could be the case (in fact it would be pretty god damn cool if it were), but could it be that we
we’ve got it backwards?

living_rainforest-14722Suppose that what’s really going on is that we’re running away from the dirt humanity was born in. The and unclean place filled with death, disease and hardship. An environment that serves as a constant reminder of our fleeting, suffering, finite incarnation. Perhaps it traumatized us so deeply for so long that our DNA is imprinted with an innate fear returning to that place. So what do we do? We run from it, of course. We bury it under miles of concrete, cover up our bodies, destroy all remaining traditions that rely on it and deny that we ever came from such a place.

Along with that wholesale denial comes an undeniable void. We’re so disconnected from our roots that we don’t understand our history. Because we don’t understand our history, we don’t understand ourselves. Because we don’t understand ourselves, we don’t understand our minds, or how to navigate our inner worlds. Due to that ineptness, we live in a world where we spend the majority of our time operating on a surface level of our consciousness, focusing on little but manipulating the external world in such a way that it gives us comfort and positive feedback. Yet, due to that void we feel, we’re never satisified.

It’s really quite ironic. We’ve spent so much time attempting to disconnect from our past that we not only left behind the scary parts, we left behind the good ones- our connection with nature, our ability to traverse our own inner worlds and a whole lot more, I’m sure.  Perhaps some of us have sensed just what I’m just describing, because the practice of plunging into nature and connecting with it and the dirt we’re so scared of has become quite popular. First-worlders are visiting far-flung destinations by the thousands consult with shamans, drink ayahuasca, eat mushrooms and take peyote, just as our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

51PhybaUePL._UX250_Believe it or not, that whole rant does circle back to our guest, Matt Pallamary . Matt is the author of A Land Without Evil and Spirit Matters. He himself has filled that void over the last 15 years by traveling to the Amazon, where he has studied, lived and participated in numerous visionary rites. 

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