“The final goal that this culture prepares for us for what is called retirement, where you’ll you be a senior citizen and you will have the wealth and the leisure to do what you’ve always wanted. But, you will, at the same time, have impotence, a rotten prostate, rotten teeth and no energy. The whole thing form beginning to end is a hoax. But, Confucius once said, a man who understands the Tao in the morning can die contentedly in the evening. That is to say, if you have ever lived one complete moment, you can be ready to die.”  -Alan Watts


Missing out on life’s tastiest, most potential-filled juices in favor of the obligatory, the mediocre, the mundane and the mountain of coercion we’re confronted with terrifies me. I’ve ranted about this exact subject several times (pretty recently in fact), so I’ll spare you a longwinded diatribe. But, I can’t hold this one back– please, no matter what you need to do to say afloat, don’t give up on waking up to your true, dare I say God-given purpose on this planet. Listen to that deep, consistent knowledge emanating from the deepest part your guts. The thing that reminds you when you’re on the right track. The voice that encourages you to hunker down and chisel until something gives. The one that keeps your off of your ass and on your grind. Don’t settle, don’t let obligations or practicality rob you of your will and rob the world of your potential. Because if giving up on progress in that isn’t the definition of failure, what the fuck is?

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GabesunheadshotAs you’ll hear, my man, Gabriel D. Roberts has done everything in his power to present his middle finger to the parts of life that prevent him from pursuing his purpose. He’s the author of several fine manuscripts including Born Again to Rebirth , The Quest for Gnosis and The Hermit. Gabriel is also a graduate student at the University of Washington and will, without a doubt, be everyone’s favorite professor in no time.

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