Chris de Cinque is a well read man with a cheeky, verbose spirit. He also sings for the proggy, satire-soaked, mercurial quintet, Closure in Moscow. Their critically-acclaimed opus, Pink Lemonade (without a doubt one of my favorite records of last year) proves it’s possible to grapple with heavy themes like enlightenment and transhumanism all whilst maintaining a deep sense of fourth-wall breaking sarcasm complete with what sound suspiciously like boner noises (see the full album stream below).



Hear our first conversation with the Closure in Moscow boys here. 

The courage to forsake the armor your persona provides and expose your tender vulnerabilities to other humans is a terrifying, intimidating, yet irreplaceably vital thing. When you do summon up the bravery take that leap, you’re truly doing the no less than holy work of shrinking the gaps between you and your fellow man. Disabling your social forcefield allows compassion and understanding flow. Mirror neurons fire within the brains of the people you’re engaged with, they actually share your state of mind for an instant. In that moment when you’re understood and embraced for who you are, you gain the invigoration and bravery necessary to really go after whatever it is you were holding yourself back from. You gain the requisite confidence to put yourself out there because you know that if you fail, so what? You have the support and power you need to reinvent yourself and try again you beautiful failing fuck!  

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some truly elite human beings on this show– men with enough courage to engage in just these types of therapeutic, transparent, conversational mind melds. It’s one thing for me to throw myself on the pyre of digital judgement (this is my show and the goods gotta spill at some point), but for someone like Christopher, a guy I hardly know to follow suit and be a self assured enough human being to talk openly as he did in this chat is a rare and beautiful thing. I’m truly grateful for it every time it happens on this show and I hope you’ve all managed to syphon some inspiration out of it as well. 

Particularly mushy musings, I know, but I wanted to get that our there.

Anyway, please support the shit out of Chris and the Closure boys. They’re blasting novelty and authenticity into this dimension through their music as if they’ve got an astral ethernet cable attached to brain of Hermes himself. Follow them, like them, do it all!     

Enter the chapel of the lemonade with a sincere heart.

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