1377129_10154845521185595_1646367424525939733_nOne of the things that always sticks out in my mind when I speak with Greg (aside from just how weird, wonderful and in some ways severely fucked the world is) is just how much we trick ourselves into believing we don’t have the power to save ourselves from a mediocre existence. I do declare that no matter where you find yourself, it’s fully possible to take a 90 degree turn off of the the well-worn path. You, my friend, have the capacity to sharpen the stick on your freak flag, plunge it deep into the soil and craft something that is uniquely yours around it. If you nurture it, tend to it and care for it enough, it just might even bear enough fruit to free you from the burden of playing someone else’s game for good.


How do I know? Greg Carlwood has done just what I’ve described in a huge way. His show, The Higherside Chats has become one of the most popular conspiracy-based podcasts out there- and the thing just keeps growing. It’s chalk-full of all of the sexy, shadowy, esoteric, entertaining goodness you could ever hope for in a podcast, so check it out and give the Carlwood some love!

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