aubrey de greyDr. Aubrey de Grey is Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at the SENS Research Foundation, a not for profit dedicated to ending aging. 


The march of time spares none, neither rich, famous nor powerful. The deep, existential angst that comes part and parcel with that knowledge has, no doubt, haunted mankind from the very first moment we became self-aware. It’s also the one obstacle we’ve encountered as a species that we just take for granted as the unassailable natural order of things.

It’s incredible really. We’ve walked the moon, we fly across the world, we transmit words through the air as if it’s trivial. Yet, for some reason when it comes to aging, we yield. The most brilliant men among us don’t even consider the possibility that we might be able to circumvent becoming old and dying.

Actually, some brilliant men do.

Ending aging has become the life’s work of men like our guest, Dr. Aubrey de Grey. He and his colleagues at the SENS Research Foundation have made significant progress in repairing the damage that occurs within our biology as we age. He truly believes, that one day, we will regularly rejuvenate our bodies, theoretically enabling to live indefinitely.

Dr. de Grey is a Gerontologist and the author of works such as Ending Aging and the Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging. He has also given several outstanding TED talks.

(He also boasts a really, really bad-ass beard).           

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