Number sage, Scott Onstott joins the podcast to blast light upon the secrets in plain sight that unite art, history, religion, conspiracy, geometry and number.  


IMG_6268We’ve all witnessed the odd similarities between manmade systems and natural ones. From a slight shift in perspective, white blood cells torpedoing through vessels look a whole lot like bumper-to-bumper traffic and the internet looks remarkably similar to the interconnected brain neurons beneath our skulls.

On one hand, it seems preposterous to compare us as human beings to all these disparate, albeit similar looking structures. After all, we’ve got freewill, complicated minds, feelings relationships and ever-evolving behavior patterns. But, could it be that beyond our individual autonomy there’s a greater, cosmic work at hand that we’re completely ignorant to flowing through us? If we could stand outside of time and watch an overview of human civilization throughout the ages, would we see some sort of 4th dimensional cosmic geometry connected to a purpose far beyond, yet totally interdependent upon our mundane monkey toil?

Probably not.

If by some chance a scenario like that isn’t entirely nonsense, Scott Onstott is probably one of the few humans catching glimpses of it’s transcendental majesty. Thanks to Scott’s background in architecture and math, he’s become extremely adept at tracking down, highlighting and making sense of unbelievable numerological and geometrical synchronicities. He’s found unlikely connections between history, art, megaliths, skyscrapers and even the cosmos. His film, Secrets in Plain Sight is an exploration of these and other logic-defying phenomena and it’s been viewed nearly 4 million times on YouTube. Scott is also the author of books like Taking Measure and Quantification. Head over to Secrets in Plain Sight for more!

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