Dr. DMT marries science and religion like never before in his new book, DMT and the Soul of Prophecy.

“DMT is a forcible reminder that there’s a lot more about reality, the universe, ourselves, (and) the biosphere than we imagine.” – Dennis McKenna.


Within your body, there’s a chemical gateway to another world and It’s called DMT (dimethyltryptamine).

IMG_6098Even crazier, it’s not just in the human body. It’s commonplace throughout nature. It’s produced within every mammal on the planet and found in countless plant species. Why is it something with such extreme capabilities so ubiquitous and what is its practical function? There’s no consensus.

DMT is not a complicated substance, chemically speaking. In fact, it closely resembles neurotransmitters and essential amino acids that your brain is filled with. Yet, if you raise the resident amount of DMT in your brain a bit, you’re blasted into another world. A world brimming with beauty, entities and geometry. It’s brief, overwhelming, indescribable, yet often elicits a feeling of odd familiarity. Researchers have found that the DMT experience is tantalizingly similar to near death, out of body, alien abduction and prophetic experiences- all the sexy, woo-woo stuff that isn’t well understood.

Considering 7 billion of us rely on the interconnected alchemical soup of neurons, fatty acids and electricity we call our brain to learn, function and interact with the world around us. It’s pretty insane that all it takes to send us off to a completely different reality is the slight elevation of one little neurotransmitter we already have within us.

Though DMT was first discovered back in 1935, it was impossible to do human studies on the compound because of the FDA’s unwillingness to explore anything remotely psychedelic. It wasn’t until the year 1990 that Dr. Rick Strassman secured approval (after 2 years of painstaking work) to inject the inter-dimensional portal that is DMT directly into the veins of human beings.

When his studies began, Dr. Strassman was approaching DMT from a purely scientific angle. However, that changed quickly because of the profundity of what his test subjects were experiencing. In short, he was no longer comfortable discussing the DMT experience in a purely physical, mechanistic way.

It was these studies, along with the personal philosophical sea change accompanying them that spawned Dr. Strassman’s first book (and a great documentary by the same name), DMT the Spirit Molecule.

Over the last 15 years, Dr. Strassman has repurposed his focus to the study of philosophy and theology in order to make more contextual sense of what the DMT experience really is. In his new book, DMT and the Soul of Prophecy, he unflinchingly straddles the worlds of science and philosophy to share his groundbreaking findings.

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