Author Gabriel D. Roberts joins us to discuss our heroic potential, how to stand up to fear and why we shouldn't worry about ISIS, Ebola or Lizard People

“You as you know yourself are not the final term of your being. You must die to that, one way or another… Life is always on the edge of death, always. One should lack fear and have the courage of life. That’s the principle initiation of all heroic stories.” – Joseph Campbell. 

IMG_6074As the great Joseph Campbell so beautifully points out, you my friend, are goddamned hero.

I know that’s weird to say, let alone admit to yourself. It seems ostentatious, self-aggrandizing and ridiculous. However, it’s totally true.

We lose sight of what it is that each and every one of us is charged with just by being alive– We’re born, we do our best on this planet, decade after decade, then die. It’s a positively gargantuan task in and of itself that shouldn’t be diminished.

But, no one wants to do just that. We want to drink the juices of life, stand out, create and achieve. There’s not a soul on this earth that wants to lay on their deathbed swimming in regret, morphine and mediocre memories. We want to feel we achieved our fully-realized state. To feel we lived a life that wasn’t dictated by fear, debt, cubicles or could-have-beens. But living that way takes balls, it requires a downright heroic choice. Because really, there’s only one guarantee- if you don’t chase true fulfillment with all of your might, failure is absolute. The deathbed filled with lame memories is your future.

It’s that spirit that inspired my friend and guest on this episode of the show, Gabriel D. Roberts to quit his cushy, New York day job to pursue his authentic self. Since then, he’s written several books including Born Again to Rebirth and The Quest for Gnosis. He just facilitated a conversation between the great Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake at the Matter and Psyche Symposium and he’s pursuing a graduate degree in Philosophy (which I’m sure will lead to him being everyone’s favorite professor).

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