The grandeur of natural phenomenon is truly unparalleled. Some of us are lucky enough to live in a place where we can be humbled by oceans or mountains on a daily basis. The rest of us have to try a bit harder to get our awe on.

If you were really, really fortunate (you live in the right geographic location, had clear skies and little to no light pollution), last Friday offered a glimpse at an even rarer sight- lady Aurora’s awesomeness. If you’re not really, really fortunate, this stupendous video will have to do.

Via The Washington Post

“The video begins as the sun set, and clouds, known as “undercast” at these high elevations, roll around the Mount Washington peaks. Unfortunately, skies were cloudy to observe the aurora in much of the Northeast and the Midwest. However, where the observatory is located, a low deck of clouds is no hindrance for viewing the Northern Lights.
The best time to see the aurora on Friday would have been after sunset, but before moonrise. This was about a two hour window, which turned out to be plenty of time for the Mount Washington observers to capture some of the best aurora images of the evening.”

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