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IMG_6010It took a unique level of genius and insanity to pitch the idea of of constructing the Great Pyramid of Giza– “Let’s take 2.3 million stones weighing up to 80 tons each that fit together seamlessly to create the world’s tallest structure. Also, let’s make sure it aligns to true north, mimics Orion’s belt, measures equinoctial precession and encodes roughly a shit ton of other astral and mathematical phenomena.”Best pitch ever, right?

Despite the fact that this idea was totally bat shit bonkers, the Egyptians were far from the only ones who undertook such a herculean labor. There are dozens of ancient megalithic structures with countless astral alignments and striking similarities all over the world. Yet, if we take that observation a step further, positing the idea that many ancient cultures had sacred traditions built upon a common, interconnected, esoteric system that communicated transcendent truth via celestial allegory, myth and megaliths, we’re starting to get pretty deep into the hairy nethers of history. A place where mainstream academia dares not dwell.

And that, my friends, is why we really need us some independent researchers that aren’t afraid to make their bed on the fringes of history, why really need us some David W. Mathisen.

In David’s latest book, The Undying Stars, he argues that ancient man was indeed all of the above- educated, interconnected, shamanic and obsessed with the stars above them. Furthermore, they actually had a complicated, multilayered, holographic worldview that was, in some ways, oddly similar to concepts discussed within the still nebulous field of quantum physics.

What happened to all of this brain blasting knowledge? David contends that this long lost wisdom was deliberately suppressed by forces that took over the Roman Empire. 

Sexy, sexy stuff!

Wanna dig deeper into this and other murky, mysterious and wonderful topics? Then, I highly suggest you check out David’s website. Of course, you can also grab a copy of his latest book, The Undying Stars on the old Amazon.

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