Are we living in a simulation?

IMG_5913“When the original founding fathers of quantum mechanics were doing these experiments they were really excited… making statements like- ‘if quantum mechanics doesn’t blow your mind, that’s because you don’t understand quantum mechanics.’ They realized this was a really big deal philosophically, (and) scientifically… Then they tried to come up with a good explanation. They couldn’t find one… Now they just blow it off as ‘nobody will ever know… it’s just weird science.’ This My Big Toe theory though, explains it.”  -Tom Campbell


If that chopped up quote sounds vague, pseudo science-y, or possibly confusing (especially if you’re not familiar with some of the basic ideas behind quantum mechanics) I get that. But, when you’re grappling with huge issues like the very nature of our reality and you’re trying to take a broad stroke across the top, things tend to get foggy, so bear with me.

You’ll need to know about the infamous, hotly-debated double-slit experiment depicted above for this talk.

Actually, don’t bear with me, or take anything from me, because our guest, Tom Campbell has an impressive career in applied physics. He worked in military intelligence, reverse-engineering enemy technology, in national missile defense, even on huge engineering projects for NASA— impressive stuff.

But what makes Tom even more of an interesting and rare specimen is that he has also spent three decades researching the nature of consciousness and reality. And he’s done so by remaining open-minded about topics that many scientists and snopes denizens would greet only with a scoff and a pompous finger wave. We’re talking about the sexy stuff- out of body experiences, altered states of consciousness, the statistically measurable power of intent and a bunch of other stuff that sounds like it’s straight out of an episode of FRINGE.

Tom has chronicled has his tantalizing experiences, findings and anecdotes in a three-part series of books called My Big Toe (theory of everything). Spoiler- through the sum total of Tom’s research, he’s concluded that reality is actually a more like a simulation than anything else.

To dig into Tom’s findings further, go to his site, check out his books, or head to youtube where there are hours upon hours of video where he covers his theories in much, much more detail.

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