In a too good to be true turn of events that no doubt has David Icke fist pumping, an IP address associated with the U.S. House of Representatives was blocked after anonymously messing with the Wikipedia page for Reptilians. Yes, really.

Via The Guardian

“Wikipedia has been forced to ban users inside the US Congress building from making edits to the collaborative encyclopedia, after at least one member of staff began trolling the site.

A number of edits, apparently made in jest, have been picked up by the automatic twitter bot Congress Edits, which monitors Wikipedia for changes to the site made by accounts with IP addresses coming from inside the US legislature.

For instance, one such edit changed the Wikipedia page for Reptilians, the lizard people who are the subject of numerous conspiracy theories which say that they control everything from the British monarchy to the American government.

The wag added the line “these allegations are completely unsubstantiated and have no basis in reality,” which was duly tweeted out by the account.”