imageMind blowing visionary artist and truth seeker,  Android Jones joins the podcast!


Truth.  Is there even such a thing?  At times, objectivity seems like a given, but with a deeper look, we often find shades gray and learn that the “truth” looks quite different depending upon your point of view.  But, is there such a thing as a greater, transcendent, immutable truth?  Something we can know, experience, take solace in and aspire toward throughout our lives? Who the shit knows, but if it does exist, you’re sure as hell never going to find it without seeking.

For Android Jones, catching a glimpse of that deeper truth required sacrifice, toil and even grief.  But, now that he’s scratched the surface of it, he strives to foster a deeper relationship with truth by channeling it in every piece of art he creates.  As esoteric and ambitious as that may sound, take one look at Android’s recent art and you’ll find that somewhere within his delicate dance of color where the micro and macro merge it becomes clear that he’s expressing something of a higher order.

For more on Android’s art and his personal philosophies, check out the following:

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